What Is AliExtractor and How Can It Help Me?

Will AliExtractor help me source products for my Shopify store?

Learn how AliExtractor will help with product research in order to get high-quality products into your eCommerce store.

Some SaaS tools for dropshipping business owners are co-marketed or branded to be used specifically for one type of eCommerce platform. We didn't like the idea of limiting our AliExtractor App to just Shopify, or Woocommerce. We like to give our members the ultimate flexibility and tool to help them grow their business instead.

The AliExtractor App can be used on any eCommerce shop platform. There is no drag and drop functionality in our app (and that was the trade-off when we developed our tool) but our members are excited about the fact that they can use it with any shop. That also means, if you change platforms for your store, you can still keep using AliExtractor for the competitive intel and research you need, to scale your sales and revenue.

AliExtractor is a standalone application; it does not connect to any store, i.e., Shopify. To download product descriptions and images, you have the option of a one-click tool that provides a .zip file of the information you need to add the items to your store.

And don't forget...

AliExtractor also provides the ability to download real buyer feedback and reviews from the vendors. These reviews can also be downloaded in a .zip file so that you can pick and choose the ones you want to add to your site.

Social proof matters! Add the product reviews to all new products, to help inform your shoppers, and encourage them to buy.

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