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What do I do when my eBay Account gets suspended?

Learn the step to take and the common questions asked when dealing with an eBay account suspension.

A fairly common occurrence that new sellers on eBay will have to deal with is an account suspension. In eBay's effort to curb fraud and a flurry of illegitimate sellers, they often suspend new accounts in order to have the owner go through a small series of questions in order for it to be reactivated. 
First, ensure to keep an eye on your emails to know what steps need to be taken for the account to be reactivated. If you have not received any notifications, also ensure to check the spam folder. From here, you will have a prompt leave contact information for eBay to give you a call as seen below. 
Screen Shot 2021-12-09 at 2.25.30 p.m.
In our experience, the caller ID was clearly eBay, Inc. making it easy to recognize when they did. The representative then notified us that it is a phase that every new account owner has to go through in order to ensure they are serious about selling on eBay.
The following are a set of question examples that were asked in the case of our team member:
  1. What type of products are you selling?
  2. Who are your suppliers?
  3. What are your payment methods?
  4. How will the items be shipped?
  5. What is the handling time?
  6. Are you the only person with access to the eBay account?
In this case, the account was reinstated within 2 minutes after the brief phone call.

Please note: All calls will have some sense of variability and there are no guarantees that an account is reinstated. This is solely the discretion of eBay and its representatives.

For more information on eBay account suspensions, ensure to visit eBay Customer Service.