Variant and Supplier Mapping

How do I use Variants Mapping and Advanced Mapping?

Learn how to set up Variants Mapping and use Advanced Mapping, in order to map multiple supplier variants and preset shipping methods.

When you import a product through the Dropified Chrome extension, Dropified automatically makes all of the necessary connections and maps the variants for you. 

However, in some cases, you may need/want to manually set up Variants Mapping and/or Advanced Mapping for greater control.

Keep in mind that these two features only work on Aliexpress, Alibaba, and eBay products.



Variants Mapping setup

In order to set up Variants Mapping, start from the Connected Product's edit page in Dropified and then click the Variants Mapping button located at the bottom of the Connections tab.


If you've changed the variant name or added a new variant in your store, then you may need to map that variant so that Dropified knows which supplier variant to order when your customer purchases in your store.

From the Variants Mapping page: 

  1. Click the "Change" button next to your store variant that you want to map 

  2. Then select the correct supplier variant from the popup window
    Note: If the supplier offers a "Ship From" country variant, it can be selected from here too.

  3. Click Save in the popup window

  4. Do this process for all of the other variants that you want to map for that product, then click Save at the bottom of the Variants Mapping page to accept those changes.

Bulk Mapping Method for a product:

Click on the Bulk Change button which will bring up the Categories and the variants in those categories.

Make sure to Save when you are done editing.

You can watch this video demo to show you how Variant Mapping works:

Advanced Mapping setup

With Advanced Mapping, you can:

  • map each of your store variants to a different supplier's variants

  • preset the shipping method for each variant based on the destination country

In order to set up Advanced Mapping, click the Advanced Mapping tab from the Variants Mapping page in Dropified.

Using Multiple Suppliers

This can be useful if you want to add additional variants in your product that are sold from another AliExpress supplier.

For example, if you have baby footies from Supplier 1 with variants A and B, but you found Supplier 2 that sells variants C and D, you can add the new variants to the existing product in your store, then set up Advanced Mapping in Dropified to be able to map each of those new variants to the correct AliExpress supplier variants.

Start by adding the new supplier to the product in Dropified from the Connections tab on the Product Edit page.


Once you've manually added the new variants in your store and added the additional supplier to the product in Dropified, you can begin mapping each variant to the correct supplier through Advanced Mapping.

Preset the Shipping Method

From the Advanced Mapping tab in Dropified, click the Shipping Method icon on the right side of the product to set up the shipping method that you want to use for each variant based on the country of the order. You can learn more about it here.

When you're done, click Save.


You can watch a video demo to show you how Advanced Mapping works for you:


Check out an in-depth video on this page to see examples of how to set up Variants Mapping and Advanced Mapping.