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How do I use the Net Profit Calculator in AliExtractor?

Learn how to conduct your profitability calculations with this article.

Want to know how much profit potential a product on AliExpress has? AliExtractor does all the work for you.

The built-in Net Profit Calculator will allow you to experiment in real-time with the current vendor price and project what your profit rate will be per unit. Sure, you could do it the old-fashioned way, but AliExtractor will do it accurately, and more quickly so you can get back to what you really love; marketing your eCommerce shop.

To begin, hold your mouse over the plus icon in the row of the product you are interested in.

Click the calculator icon.

When the calculator opens, you can see the total cost of the item (including shipping) and what your retail cost would be at a markup of 100%.

However, you can enter different numbers into the 'markup %' and 'total units sold' boxes in order to compare different scenarios.

Watch this video for a quick demo: