How To Use AliExtractor Tools and Features Effectively
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How do I use the Quick-Sort and Data Filtering tools in AliExtractor?

Increase your efficiency when using AliExtractor with these simple features.

With AliExtractor, there are a number of tools that you can use to assist you in your research!

These actions can help you quickly determine a product's profitability, download all its images and 4- and 5-star reviews from AliExpress, and much more. This allows your business to move products faster, easier, and with more profitability!

Let's take a look at the tools available to you! You can find these actions by putting your mouse over the plus sign beside the product name.

  • Remove this product from the list - If you're cleaning up your results and want to remove a product you're not interested in, simply click this button to remove that individual product from the results.

  • Refresh data - Data on AliExpress is constantly changing. Click this button to see the very latest data on a specific product.

  • Add to favorites - This function allows you to add an individual product to your favorites list for future reference and evaluation. (You can access these saved products through the matching icon at the bottom of the screen)

  • NET Profit Calculator - This powerful tool allows you to calculate a product's future earnings potential.

When the calculator opens, you can see the total cost of the item (including shipping) and what your retail cost would be at a markup of 100%. However, you can enter different numbers into the 'markup %' and 'total units sold' boxes in order to compare different scenarios.

  • Top selling products from this seller - Found a winning product? Then use this tool to find other top-selling products from the same vendor. When you click the icon shown below, another AliExtractor tab will open in your browser to display products from this vendor.

  • Trending Products - Looking for related products that are trending? This action will open a new AliExtractor page listing trending products which are similar to the one you've selected.

  • Image Downloader - Found a product that you'd like to sell? Click this button to download all images (primary and variations!) of the product.

  • Download Reviews - Ready to sell a product? Increase the conversion rate of your new product with our Review Downloader tool!

When you click on the action button, you will see the options below. You can choose which reviews you'd like to download (only reviews with high ratings or only from your country) and what to include (pictures, personal info, text-only).

If you sell on Shopify, you will need the Product Reviews app to automatically input the reviews into your store. Download it for free here. If your eCommerce platform is not Shopify, the data can still be downloaded as an Excel file and then manually entered. Simply set your preferences, click download and you will have all you need to upload into Shopify for instant 4- and 5-star ratings.

  • Bulk Actions - Click on the icon at the top of the first column to reveal this tool for selecting, deleting, and exporting products.

  • Export Data - In order to export product data in an XLS or CSV file, you must first select which rows you would like to include.

    To select an individual row, click the box at the left end of the row.

To select all search results, use the bulk actions options as described above. You can then download the selected files by either:

 Clicking the bulk actions icon

or clicking the appropriate icon in the bottom toolbar