Tools for Reporting Issues

How do I record my screen for a support request?

One of the most efficient ways to troubleshoot an issue is to have a clear vision of what the challenge looks like. Use Loom, a free online tool that will allow you to quickly record your screen.

Loom is an independent software solution (we do not own or support the product). It allows you to do a quick video capture of any issue or question you may have about using Dropified.

When you need an answer from our team, what better way than to show us in a video what you are seeing so that we can jump into action and help you resolve the issue?

It's a time-saving method that works well to get you the answers you need quickly from our team.

If you would like to try using it and installing it on your Chrome browser, click here to start.

Click Add to Chrome, then after that, you can record your screen through the extension.