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How can I save product searches for later?

Should you need to conduct a more in-depth analysis at a later time, you can use this article to know how to save searches for later.

You are shopping offline (hey, it happens sometimes too) and you see an amazing product at a big box store. Is this product available on AliExpress? Can you sell it at a discount for a great profit margin? This scenario happens every day, for business owners, and you need a quick way to bookmark a product you are interested in so that you can further evaluate it later.

Saving keyword searches on AliExpress with AliExtractor is easy. It's one important shortcut that allows our members to save interesting products for additional research (when they have time to evaluate multiple vendors, cash-back, and other criteria to help them select the right product and supplier).

You can also use saved keyword searches to do a quick scan on price changes between different vendors of the same product (because those price variances happen, and you have to stay on top of it in order to protect your profit margin).

Here is how it works:

  • Simply do a search for your chosen keyword

  • Then click on the "Manage Saved Searches"

  • To add the current search to your favorites, simply click the "Add to Favorites" button

  • To add a new search term to your favorites, simply type in the keyword of your choice, and hit "Add to Favorites"

At this point, any searches can be launched into the tool by clicking on the search ICON next to the keyword of your choice. To remove a search, simply click the X next to the keyword, and it will be permanently removed.