Save and Import Products

What is "Save for Later"?

Use this feature to save a product into Dropified to research, edit or send to your eCommerce store at a later time.

Save for Later vs Send to Store

When you're interested in a product from one of the Dropified supported sites, you can either import the product into your store or save it for later.

Importing the product into your store will automatically save the product as well.

The Save for Later feature is different in that the product is only saved in Dropified without sending it to your store.

Once the product is saved in Dropified, you can customize and edit it before sending it to your connected store.

Note: When you save for later and there is different pricing in the variants this won't be saved. The Extension will choose the highest price and apply this to all variants. If you need the different variant pricing then you will need to choose the Send to Store option.

Steps to Save for Later

1. From the single product description page in the supported site, click the Dropified Chrome extension icon in your browser.

Note: Make sure to wait until the page is fully loaded before clicking the extension icon.

2. On the extension popup window, customize the product based on your preference.

3. Scroll to the bottom of the popup window, and click "Save for Later".