Save and Import Products

How do I migrate from Oberlo?

Use this article to understand how to migrate from Oberlo. This will include importing orders and your connected products into Dropified.

Here are the steps you want to take to migrate your products over to Dropified:

1. Sign up for a Dropified plan through our pricing page if you haven't done it yet.

2. Connect your Shopify store to Dropified once you're logged into your account.

3. Add existing products to Dropified using our migration tool. The video above shows how to do this.

4. Transfer AliExpress Order IDs to Dropified. We've automated this for you as well as seen in the video.

5. You'll need to either keep Oberlo for any orders that have "been ordered but not fulfilled" or you will need to transition those orders to Dropified by adding in the Order ID to the Orders page in Dropified so that we can track the orders for you, update the tracking number and mark it as Fulfilled in Shopify.

6. For products that you transferred over, you'll want to make sure your variants are mapped correctly. This will make sure that when you place the order, the colors and sizes are matched correctly.

7. You'll also want to review the Settings area in your Dropified account homepage and make sure you have the "Automatically Mark As Ordered" option on, as well as any other fulfillment settings you'll need. Learn more about it here.


Reach out to our Customer Success Team if you have any questions, and we'll be glad to help as much as we can.