AliExtractor Installation and Setup

Can I integrate AliExtractor with Dropified?

Learn how to integrate AliExtractor with Dropified in order to display valuable product research data on your products.

AliExtractor is the #1 Tool For AliExpress Product Research

Find, filter, and research information that has been difficult to acquire, except by very manual (and time-intensive) methods in the past. Since our launch of the application in July 2018, our members have commented that AliExtractor has saved them between 10-15 hours per week on the following activities:

  • Finding new and related products

  • Finding and comparing sellers 

  • Comparing prices, estimating profit including shipping

  • Identifying top-selling and trending products by sales volume

  • Sorting by vendors who offer ePacket shipping

  • Sorting products by total sales

Stop wasting time on product research and start finding hot selling products.


Once you install AliExtractor, if you're logged in to Dropified, the extension will automatically log you in with your Dropified credentials and you'll have access. 

With your account connected you can now:

1. Compare your connected Suppliers.

On the AliExtractor tab you'll now see your Suppliers listed, here's just some of the data you can view:

  • Seller Rating

  • Total Reviews

  • Total Sold

  • Cost & ePacket cost

  • Find related and trending products from the supplier


2. Get the latest prices and costs from AliExpress. 

From Dropified, click Get Pricing Data on any product to help price your item: