AliExtractor Installation and Setup

How do I install the AliExtractor App?

Learn how to quickly install AliExtractor so you can begin researching products.

Once you've purchased a license for your AliExtractor software, follow these steps to install it. Then you'll be all set to do some serious market research and start earning cashback!

Step 1 - Open Chrome

Open your Google Chrome browser.

Don't have a Google Chrome? You will need the Chrome browser to install and use AliExtractor! But don't worry. It's free and easy to install. See How to install Google Chrome.

Step 2 - Install Chrome extension

Click on this link to find our software product in the Chrome web store.

Next, click the 'Add to Chrome' button at the top of the page and then follow the prompts.

You should now see the AliExtractor icon in the top right corner of your chrome browser window.

Step 3 - Authenticate

To continue the installation process, you must open AliExtractor.

Go to AliExpress and search for any product. It doesn't matter what you search for. Once AliExpress has returned your search results, click on the AliExtractor icon in the right-hand corner of your browser.

When you click on the icon to open AliExtractor, you will first be prompted to authenticate yourself. You can choose to provide either your Google Chrome or Facebook account credentials.

When you see the following message, click on the red or blue button and then enter the requested information.


Note: If you do not have a Facebook or Google Chrome account already, you will need to create one in order to authenticate yourself.

Step 4 - Activate License

After closing the confirmation message, you will be prompted to enter your product license code in order to activate your new license. The code is a long series of letters and numbers that you would have received in an email from


Enter your license code, click submit and you will be finished with the installation process!

Can't find your license activation code? Click this link.

Quick Tip: You can pin the extension with this puzzle-like icon to make it visible from your computer navigation bar.