FAQ for Private Label on Demand

How can I get approved to sell CBD on BigCommerce?

Learn the steps required in order to sell CBD using the BigCommerce platform.

If you're planning to sell products containing (or made with) hemp or hemp-derived ingredients including those containing CBD from Dropified Private Label On Demand on BigCommerce, then you must complete the following 3 documents:

All three are required for retailers selling Hemp-based products. Not completing these forms and returning them to Dropified risks termination of your BigCommerce and Dropified account.

Please download each document from the links above and click File > Make a Copy, complete them with your details and return them to Dropified via live chat support, or email support@dropified.com.

Reach out to us if you need a hand completing the documents, the following information is applicable to Dropified CBD products in regards to the Hemp Product Questionnaire

  • Please list the state(s) and/or country(ies) in which the hemp and hemp ingredients are:

    • Cultivated:  Oregon and Colorado 

    • Processed: Oregon, Colorado, Oklahoma

    • Packaged/labeled: Oklahoma

  • Do any of your products contain (including non-detect (“ND”)) tetrahydrocannabinol (“THC”)? 

    • All of our broad-spectrum products are considered THC-NDT. For our tinctures, we set our limits of detection at ≤0.009% Delta-9 THC. 

    • (Dropified does not market our CBD products as THC-Free, and we suggest that users avoid that language as well.)

  • What is the THC content on a dry weight basis? 

    • It's 0.29% by dry weight