Using eBay as a Sales Channel
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How do I connect an eBay store, import products, and place orders?

Use this article to connect an eBay store, list products, and place orders with the supplier - all through Dropified.


*** This feature is currently in BETA ***

Make sure to use the latest version of the Chrome browser and Dropified extension.

  1. Login to the Dropified account.
  2. Install the Dropified extension from the Chrome Web Store.
    * Minimum required extension version: 3.97.0
  3. From the Manage Stores page, click Add Store button.

    Screen Shot 2022-01-07 at 1.29.03 p.m.
  4. Select eBay, then Continue.

  5. Click Add Store button and wait for the eBay page to load.

  6. Login into the eBay account to continue.
  7. On the eBay auth page, click Agree to continue.

  8. After being redirected to the Dropified eBay Settings section, select the business country, business zip code, default currency, and then Save.

    image (1)
  9. Navigate to the Dropified Manage Stores page, click the gear icon to the right of the store name, and then click Advanced Settings.

  10. Select the appropriate Site ID, and Business Policies, based upon the eBay account Business Policies page, and then click the "Update Store" button. Please note, the Site ID is the eBay site where you would like your products to be listed.

    image (2)
  11. Go to, and navigate to the single product page.
  12. Click the Dropified extension icon to the right of the address bar, select the eBay store in the dropdown menu, and then click Save for later.

  13. Click the button to View in Dropified.

  14. In the Dropified product edit page, fill in the required fields, scroll down, and then click Send to My Store. Wait until the page reloads.

  15. After the product is sent to the store, click More Options > View in eBay.

  16. Once the eBay item is sold, go to and log in.
  17. Navigate to Dropified > Place Orders page.
  18. Click the button on the upper right-hand side of the order to Order Items.