Understanding the Auto Order Process

Can I Batch Pay for orders in AliExpress?

If you are looking to make one transaction, rather than multiple, use this article to find out how.

It can be possible to pay for AliExpress orders in batches to avoid individual charges to your payment card. Currently, AliExpress allows paying for up to 30 orders at a time.

Quick Notes:

Make sure that "Other Payment Method" options are checked from the extension option settings: chrome-extension://aogkkekoinpipjlolpcicigndjlcpdcn/options.html

Due to some recent changes in AliExpress, we released an update in the Dropified extension that chooses the PayPal/Wire Transfer payment method for the ordering process. It appears AliExpress has removed the "Other payment method" option from their Checkout page, so we are using PayPal/Wire Transfer to place the order without payment.

In order to pay for orders in batches, follow these simple steps during the ordering process: 

  1. Initiate the order process from the Place Orders page.
  2. Click the green memo box "Place Order - Click to continue" at the top corner of the AliExpress Checkout page, the Order ID will then sync normally without paying yet for the order. Make sure not to click the yellow "PayPal" button as that will require you to login into PayPal to pay the order at Checkout.

  3. Continue to place remaining orders with steps 1 and 2 until all orders are placed.

  4. Go to your AliExpress account > My Orders page, then click "Awaiting Payment".

  5. Click the dropdown menu to load up to 30 orders per page.

  6. Select up to 30 orders at a time to pay for orders in batches.