Customizing and Creating Your Products

How do I submit a label for approval?

This article allows you to know the correct steps for submitting a label for approval with Private Label on Demand.

Send Label For Approval

Check out this video demo that walks you through the process.

Upload Label File and Customize Mockup

When you're ready to upload your custom-designed label into the supplement and submit it for review, click Customize Label > Choose File and select the label file that you want.

Once the label file is loaded, you can choose and make adjustments to the mockup images that you want to use. See to it that you click on "Save Mockup" to keep those changes.

When you're ready, click Generate Selected Images. You can watch the video here to show you how it's done.


After uploading the label and completing the product edit, make sure to click Create Product instead of "Add Sample to Basket" to submit the label for review.


Note: Clicking "Add Sample to Basket" doesn't submit your created label for approval. It would just add the product with a Dropified sample or generic label in the system at the My Basket tab. You can learn more about the functionality of the My Basket feature here.

If you want to save the supplement without submitting the label for review, click Save for Later, which will save the product under the My Products section.

Monitor Your Label Status

You can keep track of the label review status under the My Products tab.


You can find out the details of your label status under the Labels tab.


As all PLOD products are regulated by the FDA, your product labels must go through a quick approval process to ensure they do meet all requirements. You'll be updated by email of any required changes or when your label is approved.

Once your label is approved, you'll be able to send the supplement to your store.