Facebook and Instagram Shops

How do I process an order with my Facebook Shop?

Use this article to navigate Dropified for orders coming through on Facebook Shops.

Placing an Order Directly on Facebook

After a product is successfully exported to Facebook using Dropified, a product will be listed under Items in Facebook Commerce Manager for the selected store. 

While the item is visible in the Commerce Manager, it may take some time for the product to become publicly visible in your Facebook shop. Facebook reviews each exported product, and any changes to products (e.g. title modifications, new images, etc.) before making them available to the public. 

If there are any issues, such as inappropriate titles, or missing fields, they will be listed under Issues. Some issues may prevent the product from getting published in your shop. Once the product is reviewed and published, it becomes available in your shop for customers to place orders.

    1. Once a product has been Published, it may be viewed in your Facebook Shop.
      • Go to Commerce Manager Overview and click on the shop to view live products.

      • Click on View all products
    2. Select the Product you’d like to order.

    3. Click Add to Cart.

  • Click on the Cart Icon at the top right.

  • Enter the Order Details (payment, address, contact information) and click Place Order.

Viewing Order on Facebook Commerce Manager

  1. Go to the Facebook Commerce Manager by clicking Visit Store on Dropified Manage Stores page.

  2. Click Orders.

Viewing Order on Dropified

  1. Click Orders on the Dropified Manage Stores page.

  2. The order will be listed in the orders list.

  3. Click Order Items next to the ordered item.

  4. The extension will place the order and mark the order as ordered.

  5. To view order tracking, click Tracking on the left sidebar.

  6. Once the AliExpress order gets shipped, the order will get fulfilled, and tracking information will be sent to Facebook.