Connecting Your Store

How do I list products on Facebook Marketplace?

  1. Install the Dropified Chrome extension

    Tip: After installing the extension, click the puzzle-piece icon at the top corner of the Chrome browser, then pin the Dropified extension to show it in the extension bar.
  2. Login into the Dropified account and navigate to Manage Stores page
  3. Click "Add Store"

  4. Select "Facebook Marketplace" then click "Continue"

  5. Type in a store title then click "Add store"

  6. Right-click the Dropified icon to the right of the browser address bar, and then click "Sync Settings"

  7. Enable Facebook Marketplace listing feature
    1. Click the Dropified extension icon, then click Enable
    2. Allow additional permissions

      Note: If "Deny" is clicked, the extension will need to be re-installed in order for the permissions dialog box to be shown again.
  8. Login into Facebook
  9. Navigate to a supported site and go to the single product description page
  10. Send to Facebook

    1. Click the Dropified extension icon
    2. Select the Facebook Marketplace store from the "Send to" dropdown menu
    3. Click "Send To My Store"
      "Save for later" will only save the product into Dropified's "Non Connected" page.
  11. Sending the product to Facebook will open a new Marketplace browser tab.
    On the Item for Sale page, review the listing and then click Next.

    Dropified will import all required fields as well as a few optional ones:
    title, marked up price, images (up to 10), category (based on product type), condition (New), description (only plain text), availability (list as in stock), SKU (product ID in Dropified)

    Few things to note:
    - Price is rounded up to the nearest whole number in Facebook
    - Variants are not imported

  12. On the next page, click Publish