Product Importing and Editing

How do I know what products to offer?

Learn how to conduct product research so you are prepared to list the appropriate products in your eCommerce store.

First off, selecting a product that you want to sell in your store depends on you.

We have a list of supported sites where you can source products from using the Dropified extension.

You can also go to US Products Database. This feature scrapes the AliExpress site to find all products that ship from a US warehouse. You just need to make sure is open in another tab.

If you're new to dropshipping, then you will benefit from the fact that Dropified members have free access to Mindset Training for eCommerce. This is a full eCommerce training course created by our CEOs. It covers everything from setting up your store, selecting products, marketing, and getting your first few sales.

For AliExpress product research, you can use AliExtractor. Click here to learn more about this powerful tool.

You can also get help from our blogs which will shed some light on your dropshipping journey such as this one: How Do I Choose A Niche For My Online Store?

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