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How can I earn Cashback with Admitad?

Use these steps to earn cashback through AliExpresses Admitad Affiliate commissions.

For affiliate commissions, we are now using Admitad as a much better replacement for the AliExpress affiliate program.

Make sure to register as a Publisher and choose "Dropshipping" as your AdSpace type.

Also, when it asks for "AdSpace name", you can put in anything there.

After you register, you can copy the full deep link and paste it into the Stores section on Dropified (at bottom of that page).

Please contact the Customer Success team to have the Admitad feature enabled for your account.

Here are some common questions asked about Admitad:

I have multiple stores, do I have to repeat the steps for getting the admit ad affiliate commission for all stores?

  • No worries there, all of the stores that you have connected to your Dropified will use the Admitad deep link added to your account and earn your commission accordingly.

    The same deep link will be used for all connected stores.

Can I use any extension and/or cashback program enabled at Dropified?

  • No, Dropified doesn’t support any other cashback extensions except Admitad. Users will be notified during the auto ordering process to remove any other cashback extension while using Dropified. Also, it's recommended to disable any comparable apps to prevent conflict.