Understanding the Tracking Page

What are the Highlighted Orders on the Dropified tracking page?

Understand what the highlighted orders are, on your tracking page, as well as how to handle them as needed.

The highlight is usually used to notify you about that specific order on the Tracking page, it could be with or without a memo.

Highlighted Orders Without a Memo


It is highlighted in red as a notification because you enabled the feature to be notified of a delayed tracking number from the bottom of Dropified Settings.

Highlighted Orders With a Memo


This usually means there is a difference between the order in the store and the order place on AliExpress (like a difference in address). You can hover over the color orange memo to see some information about the reason why it's highlighted.

For example -- where it says "Customer Name, City, Country" in orange -- those are the potential conflicts Dropified is highlighting.

So basically, it's just a warning. It usually happens because AliExpress doesn't match exactly what the user entered through your store. In most cases, customers who order the item puts different recipient name and shipping address.

You can then view the order on AliExpress to check if it is okay. If you see that there is some conflict, you can correct it by canceling the order in AliExpress before submitting the payment. If it seems to be fine, you can disregard it.

Common Question: How can I take it off?

There's no way to remove it. That's just Dropified's way of notifying you about the difference in information between your store and AliExpress.

Just make sure the shipping address of the recipient that the customer entered in your store matches the one at AliExpress. If that's the case, it's probably okay to leave that as it will still get delivered to your customer.