Editing Product Descriptions and Details

How do I edit product prices in Bulk?

Utilize this article to better understand how to bulk edit connected Shopify products in Dropified.

Currently, this feature is only available for those stores using the Shopify platform. Now, you can manage multiple products and variants for changes in pricing and the compare price using the bulk editor in Dropified.

To start editing in bulk, click on the tab of your Shopify store name on the Saved Products page.

Next, choose the various products that you want to bulk edit from the drop-down box shown in the following image. After selecting "Edit...", then click the "Apply" button.


When you are in the editor, you can enter the values you want to change in the top header of the page. You can enter an absolute value or a percentage. If you want to decrease the percentage just add a minus symbol in front of the percentage.


Check out this video tutorial that goes over bulk editing connected Shopify products in Dropified: