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How do I download product images with AliExtractor?

Having product images is critically important to your product listing. Ensure to know how to download product images using AliExtractor.

Ecommerce store owners who aren't using a SaaS tool like AliExtractor, have the tedious task of individually downloading every product image and variant (including colors, and different styles) manually. That's okay when you are just getting started, but when you really get rolling and have multiple pages of products, or if you are updating your products from AliExpress seasonally, it becomes a full-time job in itself.

AliExtractor offers a quick way to download all the product images (including variants) to your computer in one .zip file. Once you have downloaded the .zip file, sort through the images for the variants you wish to sell in your store. You may also choose to edit the images, i.e., remove extra text, arrows, or manufacturer SKU's on the images, so that every product on your store has an image that is uniform, for a professional look.

Ready to start downloading product images on AliExpress using AliExtractor?

Here's how you do it:

Log into AliExpress and do your product search, then open the AliExtractor tool in your Google Chrome browser.

Click 1: Load the AliExtractor tool

Click 2: Click on the Actions icon (Hover over the + Plus sign for this)

Click 3: Click on "Image Downloader" (You will that this is the down arrow icon)


Quick Tip: Most manufacturers and vendors will provide a product image that has a blank white background. Others may have a detailed photo background or scene. Adding a watermark to white backgrounds (i.e., your store logo) is a professional touch that helps brand your store, and differentiate your shop from other people selling the same product. These small changes matter for shoppers, who value a customized experience on your website.

If you wish to completely remove the background from a product image, check out this video from Adobe Creative Cloud. With a couple of clicks in Photoshop, it's easy to create a .png file (transparent background) or place a colored background that is branded to your website's color/design.