Connecting Your Store

How do I connect a Shopify store in Dropified?

Understand how to connect your Shopify store to Dropified in a few easy steps.

If you subscribed to Dropified from our website Pricing page, then you can use the simple steps below to add your store to your Dropified account. If you added our app via the Shopify App Store, then your store is already connected and you don't need to complete these steps. 

In case you don't have a Shopify store yet, you can get started with a free trial here.

Steps to add your Shopify store:

1. From the Stores page in Dropified, click the "Add Store"  button to connect your Shopify store to your Dropified account.

If you don't have a store, you can create one by clicking the button below.

Note: If you installed the Dropified app from the Shopify App Store, you won't see the "Add Store" button as the store is already connected.


2. In the popup window, make sure to check "Shopify" as your store platform > click Continue.


3. Add the Shopify store URL and click the "Add Store" button.

Note: Make sure to add the * URL and not the custom domain.


4. Login into your Shopify account and click "Install app".


4. Done! You're ready to start managing your store through Dropified 🙂

You can watch a video demonstration of the steps here: