Understanding the Auto Order Process

How do I process AliExpress Quick Orders in Dropified?

This article will explain how to efficiently process AliExpress orders in Dropified, with the Quick Order API ordering method.

*** This feature is currently in Public Beta ***

1. Connect the AliExpress account in Dropified

  1. Start from your Dropified account, Settings > AliExpress
  2. Click the button to "Link AliExpress Account".
  3. Sign in to the AliExpress account and then authorize the connection.

Once connected, you'll see the linked account in your Dropified settings.

2. Save a custom note to the supplier

This is where you add a note to the supplier for any special consideration such as requests to exclude invoices, receipts, or promo materials from the package.

  1. Start from your Dropified account, Settings > AliExpress
  2. In the text box under "Custom Note to Supplier", enter the message that you want to be added to the AliExpress order memo.
  3. Click Save at the bottom of the page.

The custom note saved in this section will be added to each item that is ordered through Dropified.

3. Set the Shipping Method - Order of priority

Dropified will use the following order of priority for shipping method selection during the auto ordering process.

Priority #1 - Advanced Variants Mapping

Preset shipping method per product from the product edit page in Dropified.
This option is the most specific as it is applied per product in Dropified, hence it will be prioritized over other settings.

Priority #2 - Global Settings for AliExpress Shipping Method

  1. Start from your Dropified account, Settings > AliExpress
  2. In the shipping methods section, select the shipping method in the order of your preferred priority, 1 through 4 -- number one (1) taking the highest priority in this section.
  3. Click Save at the bottom of the page.

Note: Keep in mind that shipping methods and availability will vary depending on the supplier as well as Ships From and Ship To countries.

4. Place the order through Dropified

  1. Navigate to the Dropified Orders page.
  2. Click the "Quick Order Items" button next to the order you want to place in order to add it to the queue.
  3. Click the "Quick Queue" launcher located at the bottom right of the page.
  4. In the Quick Order panel, verify that the address to use for the order is correct. To modify it, click "Edit" to update and Save.
  5. Click the "Order" button to process the order. If there are multiple orders in the queue that need to be processed, click "Order All".

5. Pay the orders in AliExpress

  1. Go to the connected AliExpress account > My Orders > Awaiting payments.
  2. Verify order details for accuracy.
  3. Pay the orders with your preferred payment method in AliExpress.

After orders are paid in AliExpress, it can take a few days for suppliers to prepare and ship out the order with a tracking number.

6. Sync the orders in Dropified

After payment in AliExpress, sync the orders in Dropified to update the Supplier Status.

Note: This step is not required as Dropified will automatically sync the order when the tracking number becomes available on the supplier site.

Make sure that you've connected the correct AliExpress account in Dropified Settings as Quick API Update will not work otherwise.

  1. Navigate to the Dropified Tracking page.
  2. Click Sync with Supplier button located at the upper right of the page.
  3. Click the Quick API Update button.
  4. Once the update is completed, click Refresh Page. 

Tip: Consider monitoring your orders daily and manually syncing about once per day to ensure orders are always synced.